THE FLASH 2.13 Recap – ‘Welcome To Earth-2’

The Flash‘s latest episode, ‘Welcome to Earth-2,’ may be the show’s best episode yet. Things go horribly awry in Barry’s first foray into travel between parallel dimensions, but the ever-amusing references within references and world twists are so much fun!

To start it off, Barry is destroying all the breeches, except one–The one Barry, Cisco, and Wells use to head to Earth-2! The entire team is wary and each goodbye is really tough, especially Barry’s chat with Iris.

But then, the speed cannon! As Barry, Cisco, and Wells travel between worlds, they see several images including Grodd in Gorilla City, Killer Frost, Supergirl, and John Wesley Shipp as the original Flash! We almost see a Green Arrow figure, but it seems the be the Robert Queen version hinted at in an earlier Earth-2 flashback.

But then they’re in Earth-2!



From there, it is a veritable feast of topsy turvy goodness! They first bump into Henry Hewitt, an aide at STAR Labs, aka Earth-1 villain Tokamak. Needless to say, it’s a little alarming.


Barry sees himself on TV talking about Zoom and Detective West. In typical not-so-bright Barry fashion, he then brings his doppelgänger in. He is EQUALLY GEEKY.


But also, the television tells us Leonard Snart is mayor. What was his running platform, exactly? Mini marshmallows for every hot chocolate?


But Barry knocks him out and becomes him! He heads to the police station. Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot is there and HE IS AN INFAMOUSLY TERRIBLE MARKSMAN.


Iris is the “Detective West” Earth-2 Barry Allen referred to.


And they’re married! Like newlywed, all over each other married. Yes please!

welcome to earth-2

Killer Frost aka E2 Caitlin is an enforcer/assassin for Zoom, as is HER husband, Deathstorm aka Ronnie Raymond. And they got word of “breechers” to kill. AHHHHH!


Barry and Iris live in Joe’s house. And oh, Barry is able to call up his mom, who is still alive. He openly weeps and we try real hard not to.


But also, non-metahuman Earth-2 Barry has a lot of possible superhero friends!

welcome to earth-2

They go to a jazz club and Joe is singing. Fuck yes for showing off Jesse Martin’s skillz! He’s an incredible musician! But Joe blames Barry for Iris’ dangerous career and actually kinda hates him. And E2 Barry hates him too. Ouch…


Killer Frost and Deathstorm come to the club and attack. Barry goes into Flash mode and a huge battle rages.


No winners. In the fury, E2 Joe is hit by Killer Frost and later dies.

Following his death, Cisco goes along with Iris on the Killer Frost/Deathstorm bust, having created a weapon to nullify Killer Frost, and meets their boss: HIMSELF.

welcome to earth-2

He goes by Reverb and he knows how to use his powers wayyyy better than Cisco. But he knows Cisco’s powers and wants to take over Earth-2 with him. When The Flash shows up in hopes of saving the day, things go sour. Deathstorm and Reverb nearly kill him with their superior skills in this universe. Buuut Zoom shows up. He wanted The Flash unharmed, so he kills the two– the same way Reverse-Flash almost killed Cisco.

Barry is taken to Zoom’s prison, where Jesse is waiting along with a mysterious masked man. The man is conveniently covered from head-to-toe, giving us no hint as to whom he may be. Hope seems lost. Zoom has Barry in his clutches and he’s ready to destroy him.

Cheery place to leave off, right?!

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