THE FLASH 2.14 Recap – ‘Escape From Earth-2’

THE FLASH is under pressure to ‘Escape From Earth-2’ in one intense episode!

We pick up right where the last episode left off. Zoom is on the hunt for Harrison Wells. Apparently he hasn’t checked Wells’ office?


Cisco and Wells find themselves taking Earth-2 Barry or “Barry 2,” as Cisco calls him to Wells’ secret vault. Barry freaks out the whole way. It turns out this guy suffers from a whole new level of anxiety!


Meanwhile, The Flash Barry is trapped in Zoom’s lair with Jesse, who apparently doesn’t think much of her dad. There’s also the mysterious third guest, who’s tapping seems to have a pattern. Unfortunately, they can’t figure it out.


On Earth-1, Caitlin and Jay work on creating a new compound, Velocity-8, to defeat Geomancer. There’s just one downside: The formula is actually causing Jay’s cells to degenerate faster, killing him faster. It eventually turns into Velocity-9, which Jay takes to save Central City residents from Geomancer. But of course, it makes him significantly weaker.

Barry brings Iris up to his lab to give her the details and get her on board with a plan. She says Killer Frost may be the only person who knows where Zoom is located, Cisco bets he can get her to talk after the death of her husband, Deathstorm. They speculate that she’s in the woodlands and the four go off to track her down and find Zoom’s lair.


Jay and Jesse find that their mysterious prison mate is using a special code to tap out a message. He brings up Jay Garrick, but then Zoom chases on and stops him. He also goes into Barry’s cell to threaten him… and inadvertently tells Barry how to escape!

Cisco, Wells, Barry 2, and Iris 2 find Killer Frost in the woods, where we gigglesnort at Cisco referring to Killer Frost as Elsa.


He tries to convince her to give them information to avenge Ronnie, but she doesn’t go along with it. In fact, she tries to KILL THEM ALL. The others manage to corner her and with lots and lots of persuading, Cisco gets Killer Frost to give up Zoom’s location.

Geomancer finds his way into STAR Labs and promptly begins destroying it. Caitlin proves she’s a total badass by taking him down with a serious gun. And Jay? He slept through it all!


But there’s a problem: The breech on Earth-1 is destabilizing. Even if Barry and Jesse are rescued, they may not be able to get home. Jay creates a vortex to help the stabilization, but the process almost kills him and Joe.

The Earth-2 team climb up to Zoom’s lair. They quickly save Jesse…


…but can’t get Barry out of his specialized cell. Barry thought he could phase through the cell, but he can’t. But then, Barry Allen gets an inspirational speech FROM HIMSELF and boom! He gets himself out!


Then Zoom is here! He’s just about to kill Jesse, but Killer Frost stops him last second, finally deciding to avenge Ronnie. She knows it will end in her death, But the team can’t figure out how to get their mystery man how of his cell, so Barry promises to come back for him in true hero fashion.

Wells, Jesse, Barry, and Cisco make it through the breech. Jay throws in the detonator. And then…


You see it coming before it happens. Jay stands happily in front of the closing breech, smiling at Caitlin. But Zoom’s arm comes through the breech, spearing Jay’s chest and dragging him back to Earth-2. The breech closes and without it, Jay is lost to them.

WHAT THE HELL? Can Caitlin Snow be into anyone without them dying a horrific death? Damn it all!

Of course, that’s where we end of the week. But we seriously doubt it’s the last we’ll be seeing of Earth-2 or Zoom!

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