THE FLASH 2.15 Recap – ‘King Shark’

This episode picks up immediately where the last one left off. And it’s SO PAINFUL. On an emotional level, this scene was put together really well. Caitlin is devastated because everyone she loves dies, Barry wants to open to breaches, Wells explains that it just can’t be done. That sound you hear is a million hearts breaking at once.

In thr aftermath, Wells reminds Barry and Cisco that the doppelgängers they met were strangers, not living the lives that they and their friends would on Earth-2. They promise never to share the story of the alternate realities they lived over there. And so, the gang moved on with heavy hearts.


Their first distraction comes not long after when King Shark, a half-shark, half-human piece of insanity, escapes from ARGUS custody. He’s the same King Shark that Zoom sent along and he’s got a “biological imperative” to kill Barry. So this is the last of Zoom’s cronies, and he needs to go!


Caitlin is struggling the most after Jay’s death, snapping constantly and distancing herself from others. Cisco fears she’s becoming Killer Frost, but he can only share his concerns with Barry.

King Shark’s Earth-1 equivalent is dead, but his widow, Dr. Lambden, studies sharks for a living. What is noooot convenient at all! Caitlin and Cisco pay her a visit and during the questioning, Caitlin is harsh and more worrying than ever before. But they get her research, we tells them how King Shark is tracking down Barry.

During perimeter check, two ARGUS agents are killed by King Shark as he comes on shore, after which the team loses him in the middle of Central City.

In the middle of it all, Barry is trying to bond with Wally West and failing miserably. Just went things are officially about the explode as they discuss engineering application for college, King Shark barges into the West house. THROUGH THE ROOF.


Barry explains to King Shark take he’ll never make it back to Earth-2, he handily beats Barry and heads back to the water. Wally is infuriated that Barry disappeared just as The Flash showed up. Oh yay! Another REALLY DUMB CHARACTER who will take ages to put 2-and-2 together re: Barry being The Flash!


Cisco slips to Caitlin about Killer Frost, which is pretty damn amusing!


But Caitlin’s response, which is supposed to show the depth of her depression, came off as a little stiff. She’s trying to hold back emotions, which makes it hard to connect.

Barry is equally terrible at keeping secrets and spills his guts to Joe and Iris about Earth-2, complete with the marriage and Joe 2’s death. He’s clearly feeling guilty for leaving Earth-2 in the hands of Zoom.

LMAO… Cisco created a giant Flash “lure” that recreated Barry’s electric energy, which King Shark is tracking, stuffed with tranquilizers. Of course, it’s not enough to take down the baddie.

There’s an epic swimming/running on water chase in which Barry electrifies the water, then throws a freaking lightning blot at King Shark to bring him down! The CGI was really, really impressive in this sequence. Award-winning impressive.


With the fish in the bag, ARGUS plans to find a cure for King Shark’s condition.

The wrap-up for this episode is mostly heartfelt. Joe explains to Wally that Barry is not the favored son. Caitlin tricks Cisco into thinking she’s becoming to Killer Frost, but she breaks out giggling before explaining she’ll never take that path. Barry promises to stop Zoom, displaying Jay’s helmet in a memorial.



Zoom drops Jay Garrick’s dead body on the ground and takes off his mask to reveal that it is ALSO JAY GARRICK / HUNTER ZOLOMON under the mask! What? Why? HOW?! WE’RE SO OVERWHELMED!


Of course, this major reveal comes just before a month long break. We feel your agony, folks. We really do!

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