THE FLASH / ARROW Crossover Recap

Okay, ladies and gents! It’s time to help each other through tough television times with a The Flash/Arrow crossover recap, including ‘Legends of Today’ and ‘Legends of Yesterday’!

It all starts when Vandal Savage stows away on a ship, because flying is so passe, then proceeds to kill the crew and a police officer, even though he total doesn’t need to. Kendra and Cisco are busy being adorable when Savage comes around to kill Kendra, but leaves after The Flash shows up despite having the upper hand.


Needing to keep Kendra safe, Barry and Cisco agree to ask Team Arrow for help. Handily, Barry saves Oliver’s life in the process as Damien Darhk is about to take him out.

Oliver asks tense questions about Kendra’s possible relationship with Savage, causing some tension among the group. They turn out to be necessary when Savage shows up again and nearly kills them in. The group believes Thea delivered the kill shot… until they can’t find the body.

Meanwhile, Wells and Caitlin have created a speed drug to enhance Barry or Jay’s power. Jay is totally against it– also, he lost some weight and got a haircut– but Harrison remains determined.

Malcolm Merlyn, king of appearing from dark corners, comes to the Arrow’s lair to explain the legend of Vandal Savage and his immense, immortal powers.


Kendra runs away from her protectors after Malcolm Merlyn informs the team that Vandal Savage is immortal, to be promptly captured by Hawkman.

Then there’s the Arrow-Flash-Hawkman battle: Brought to you by CGI!


Carter explains the legends binding him and Kendra, which doesn’t sit well with Cisco. Still, the group takes to the roof in hopes of making Kendra’s memory emerge. She finally manages it just in time to save The Flash and Arrow from being killed by Savage.


Then Patty catches Harrison sketching about and, believing him to be the man who killed Barry’s mom and terrorised the city, SHOOTS HIM. Jay Garrick takes the Velocity-6 speed serum to quickly remove a bullet from Harrison’s artery and save the day.

All the characters gather together in a rural farmhouse outside Central City, leaving Thea open for this brilliant reference.


Oliver sees his ex, Samantha, with a child that is age-appropriate to their past relationship and freaks out, leaving the mission to track the kiddo down. He manages to snag a hair from the boy, William, to paternity test that sucker.

Malcolm arranges a meeting with Vandal Savage because surely that won’t backfire! So far Savage has admitted to training Robin Hood and Houdini. He’ll spare the others if they hand over Kendra and Carter.

Oliver finds out William is his son. He confronts Samantha, but she is reluctant to let Oliver be a part of his life. Her one condition? That Oliver not tell anyone, not even Felicity. OF COURSE. But Felicity found out and… did Olicity just break up?!

The group sets the trap so Kendra and Carter appear to be prisoners then BOOM, they attack with speed and ferocity!



Except Barry… who runs away so fast, he time-jumps and fixes everything! Hooray for ex machina!

Upon learning that Barry jumped back in time, the gang sets out to fix the problem. Cisco helps Kendra fully unlock her powers and memory. In doing so, she discovers how to truly beat Savage: Pieces from the meteorites that destroyed them the first time. And Felicity knows just where to get them!


With the secret to his destruction discovered, Vandal Savage is turned to ashes.


But then Cisco gets dumped to support the Kendra/Carter storyline and my heart is crushed. Even still, he offers Kendra his unconditional help.

Aaaand Oliver agrees not to tell Felicity again. He’s turning into idiot Ollie once again and can only mean bad things. And she doesn’t find out by accident this time, so the secret remains. We subsequently tear our hair out.


Meanwhile, there’s sketchy old Malcolm Merlyn again, collecting Vandal Savage’s ashes and promising great things to come. OOF!

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