The Flash, Arrow Take Down Hawkman In ‘Legends of Today’ Clip!

Hawkman’s powers are tested by The Flash and Green Arrow in a new clip!

We’ve already seen a clip and a featurette from the major Arrow / Flash crossover event, which begins with ‘Legends of Today’ tonight and continues with ‘Legends of Yesterday’ tomorrow (both titles cheekily reference DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which the episodes will help set up). Now, we’re getting another new clip and featurette combo before the show airs tonight!

Watch as Green Arrow goes up against the mysterious Hawkman solo before getting a little help from The Flash. Hawkman may have powers of his own, but he’s no match for the two others combined!

In the inside look, Executive Producer Gabrielle Stanton is breaking down the major villain introduced for the episode, Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s history, and the challenges of getting in as many fabulous heroes and villains from The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in just two episodes!

The two-part saga begins with ‘Legends of Today’ tonight on The CW.

crossover clip

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