THE FLASH Casts The Mysterious Mrs. West

Mrs. West will seriously stir things up on Season 2 of THE FLASH!

Though we know Joe’s wife and Iris’ mother is no longer with them, The Flash Season 1 was very careful not to delve into the exact circumstances and fate of Mrs. West. It turns out that decision was part of the long-term plan, as Mrs. West will make an appearance in Season 2!

Actress Vanessa Williams of Candyman and Soul Food fame (not to be confused with the beauty-queen-turned-actress of the same name) will star as Mrs. West, whose first name is unknown.

In the comics, Mrs. West dies giving birth to a son. But as fans of the show know, there’s never been a mention of another West child. It’s more than likely that the multiverse is coming into play here and Mrs. West after alongside her son, Wally West, one of three version of The Flash who will appear this season.

Either way, the appearance of both characters will be sure to add extra layers of drama for the West family to the popular CW show!


The Flash returns to The CW on October 6, 2015.


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