THE FLASH: Go Inside ‘The Man Who Saved Central City’ With Clip and Featurette

‘The Man Who Saved Central City’ gets his recognition in THE FLASH previews!

After months of hype, we’re only hours away from the return of The Flash! The show will kick off with ‘The Man Who Saved Central City’, which follows Barry’s return to Team Flash (with the help of Iris!) after months of working solo following The Singularity.

A new behind-the-scenes look at ‘The Man Who Saved Central City’ has Executive Producer Gabrielle Stanton discussing how Barry and his companions have fared since the destruction of Eobard Thawne and the new challenges they’ll face in Season 2!

Also revealed was the first clip from the episode.

While everyone is still busy condemning his Star City counterpart, Barry Allen aka The Flash is getting his very own holiday. In true Barry style, he’s a bit late to his own party, but his friends and family are still there to support him. However, things get a little complicated when Atom Smasher shows up and literally crashes the party.

The Flash premiere, ‘The Man Who Saved Central City’, airs tonight on The CW!

The Flash

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