THE FLASH Goes Inside ‘The Darkness And The Light’

THE FLASH faces off against Doctor Light in ‘The Darkness And The Light’!

Just hours before The Flash airs its next episode, ‘The Darkness And The Light’, take a behind-the-scenes looks at what’s to come!

Executive Producer Gabrielle Stanton breaks down the new Harrison Wells, the growing attraction between Barry and Patty, and Iris coming to the rescue!

In a new clip, Barry and Joe step into the STAR Labs hallway to debate the reasons why they may or may not be able to to trust Harrison Wells from Earth-2.

Clearly, Barry is having some trouble distinguishing this Harrison Wells from Eobard Thawne version because they share a face and a lot of behavioral attributes, but he has a point. Who is to say Earth-2 Eobard Thawne isn’t also inhabiting the body of Earth-2 Harrison Wells? Even if he’s not, nothing guarantees Earth-2 Wells is a decent person who really wants to help.

Personally, we’re more interested in figuring out what all THIS is about!


Official Episode Synopsis:

Barry (Grant Gustin) learns a new breacher, Dr. Light, has come through the portal and sets off to capture her. Jay (guest star Teddy Sears) tells Barry that Dr. Light was not a threat on Earth-2 and that Barry can reason with her. However, during a fight with The Flash, she blinds him and drops some shocking news about Zoom. Meanwhile, Barry and Patty (Shantel VanSanten) go out on a date.

The Flash airs tonight on The CW.