THE FLASH: ‘Other Worlds’ Explode On To The Scene In Extended Promo

THE FLASH will discover the powers that be in ‘Other Worlds’ next season!

As comic book fans know, Barry Allen isn’t the only (or even the first) incarnation of The Flash. The CW hit show will be adding in two of the other three versions of The Flash into Season 2: Jay Garrick and Wally West. How, you ask? Through explosive new access to the multiverse introduced in the Season 1 finale, evidenced in the new promo ‘Other Worlds’!

Take a good look at Jay Garrick as well as new love interest Patty Spivot and villain Atom Smasher in action as Central City faces danger and destruction on a whole new level. We’re also thrilled to finally see Iris West in a promo, especially since she’s helping out Team Flash and seemingly not holding Eddie’s death against Barry.

The Flash returns to The CW on October 6, 2015.

Official Synopsis:

Following the defeat of Barry Allen’s arch-nemesis Eobard Thawne (aka Reverse Flash), Team Flash quickly turned their attention to the singularity swirling high above Central City, which fans last saw consuming everything in its path. Armed with the heart of a hero and the ability to move at super speeds, Barry charged into the eye of the singularity, but will he actually be able to save his city from impending doom?

other worlds

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