THE FLASH Recap 2.04 – ‘The Fury of Firestorm’, Plus ‘The Darkness And The Light’ Promo

We’re back with another recap of The Flash, this time for ‘The Fury of Firestorm’!

Let’s start with some sad news: Jay Garrick apparently wasn’t kidding about that shower and nap, because he’s missing for the whole damn episode as Barry and the STAR Labs crew face some serious complications, starting with Professor Martin Stein being ready to explode.

It turns out that the good professor is a wee bit unstable without the second half of the Firestorm matrix in place. So a new match is needed ASAP!


Caitlin covertly finds two possible matches for Professor Stein and picks a favorite based in her bias for scientists. Henry Hewitt is a nerd, but also an egomaniac and a bit of a jerkwad.


We’d like to think that the Firestorm matrix rejects him because it senses that bad juju. Of course, attempting to add him into the Firestorm matrix awakened another power in him, causing the rejected scientist to go on a massive rampage.

Way to go, Dr. Snow!

The episode also introduces Dr. Stein’s fated other half, Jefferson “Jax” Jackson. You know he’s meant to be a superhero because he has a tragic backstory. He was hit by dark matter while saving someone during the particle accelerator explosion, was grievously injured, and lost his dreams of a football scholarship. He also doesn’t want to be a hero, which is another definite reason why he will be one.


In the land of West family drama, Iris finally meets with her mother, Francine. And totally turns her away. It’s pretty heartbreaking, but at the same time, we couldn’t help but think “You go, girl!” After all, no child should simply be the victim of their parents’ choices. Iris made an extremely difficult decision for her own well-being, one that lots of adults face: Sometimes, you have to cut your losses.

And then, of course, we learn that Francine came back because she’s dying.


Over at Mercury Labs, someone has broken in. And that someone is Harrison Wells. What did he take? We’ll get back to that!

Naturally, Joe doesn’t want Barry to know about this new development. The problem is this: His new partner is Patty Spivot, who has zero chill around Barry and absolutely no game face. She is essentially the SNL secret lady, who never tells you exactly what’s happening but always gives away the fact that something is up.


As she deals with her “shark man” cases with Barry, we begrudgingly admit that the two are cute together. BUT WE’RE STILL NOT GOING FOR IT, DAMMIT! We know how these ships really sail!

Jax agrees at the last minute, Barry and Caitlin lift Stein out of bed after saying his temp is 142 somehow without burning like crazy and BOOM! Firestorm 2.0! In this version, Stein talks aloud from within Jax’s body and we can’t say that we love it…


With the super team combined, Barry and Firestorm easily take down Hewitt, who literally pops his top whn he gets too angry and tries using too much power. Dude needs to do some yoga or something!


Iris has a final showdown with Francine and the episode’s big bomb is dropped:


Francine had another baby eight months after she disappeared. Iris is very, very upset by the news, naturally, but we’re all bouncy over here like WALLY WEST WALLY WEST WALLY WEST!

In the big ending twist, Shark Man is real…


AND HARRISON WELLS JUST JACKED HIM UP! Guess that awesome Mercury Labs weapon he stole came in handy! ..But why wasn’t Mercury Labs more worried about the fact that the guy stole a weapon in the first place?!

Join us again later this week as we discuss tomorrow’s episode, ‘The Darkness and the Light’!

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