THE FLASH Talks About Aquaman In Deleted Pilot Scene

THE FLASH originally hinted at Aquaman in deleted pilot scene!

With such a wide variety of source material to consider, it’s no surprise that The Flash focuses pretty heavily on itself and the Arrowverse without drifting into too many other DC territories. Still, that didn’t stop showrunners from originally including a little shout out to a popular character, Aquaman!

In this deleted scene, Barry Allen and Detective Joe West have a quick walk and talk, discussing the outlandish leads Barry liked to follow even before becoming a metahuman. They first make reference to Arrow villain Cyrus / Solomon Grundy, then Joe brings up another case:

“Yeah, and last month you disappeared to Amnesty Bay to investigate a man who could talk to fish.”

Amnesty Bay is the home of Aquaman, so it turns out Barry Allen investigated the character before becoming a Metahuman himself! Perhaps showrunners decided this dove a little too far off the deep end, however, as the scene was eventually cut.

The DC television and film universes are not connected like what fans have seen in the Marvel universe, so even if Aquaman ever did make an appearance on the show, it wouldn’t be in the form of film actor Jason Momoa. For now, however, it looks like the show is sticking with metahumans and the forces coming through the multiverse in Season 2!



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