‘The Glory’ by Author Lauren St. John Acquired by Canyon Creek Films

‘The Glory’ by Lauren St. John on track for production

The Glory, a novel by award winning author Lauren St. John, is in the process of becoming adapted for film.  The rights to the book were recently acquired by producer Simon Brook of Canyon Creek Films.  Brook, upon being introduced to the story, knew he wanted to take part in this project.

“I loved The Glory. It’s a fantastic adventure story about an epic, 1,200 mile horse race across the American West.”

Published March 5 of this year, the YA book has received high praise, having been described as “an exhilarating ride” by The Sunday Times and a “National Velvet for modern teenagers” by The Times.  Due to these reviews, this novel has received the honor of being named Children’s Book of the Week.

“There are many twists and turns but the plot is easy to follow and gripping, I would recommend this book for girls aged from twelve through to adult. The author has a flowing style and an art for bringing her characters to life.” -NEWBOOKSMAG

In this book, the bestselling author of The One Dollar Horse trilogy manages combine her love of equestrian related activities and her passion for writing to invent a thrilling and successful story.

A Girl on the Run from the Law

Alexandra Blakewood has everything any teenager could wish for, apart from the horse she’d love, but she won’t stop getting into trouble. Sent to a US boot camp, she dreams of escaping. It seems impossible until she’s told about a grueling 1,200 mile horse race across the American West…

A Boy on a Mission to Save a Life

Will Greyton was the star student at his Tennessee high school until his father was laid off. Now Will works at a burger joint. When his dad falls ill, it seems things can’t get any worse. An operation will save him, but there’s no way to pay for it. Then Will hears about The Glory, a deadly endurance race with a $250,000 purse, open to any rider daring enough to attempt it…



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