THE GOOD DINOSAUR Clip Shows Arlo Bonding With His Dad

Arlo discovers something beautiful in THE GOOD DINOSAUR clip!

The story of Arlo the Apatosaurus is definitely going to be a tearjerker, but thankfully, we get to see him in happier times in a new The Good Dinosaur clip!

In the film, which takes place in an alternate reality in which the meteor largely held responsible for killing the dinosaurs never struck Earth, Arlo will be separated from his dear old dad. On his way back to his family, he’ll discover independence, adventure, and a new human friend, Spot.

An clip from Yahoo! shows Arlo early on in the film. He’s so timid that a walk through the fields frightens him… until his father shows him something amazing within.

The Good Dinosaur is out on November 25, 2015.