THE GOOD DINOSAUR Introduces Butch The T. Rex In Two Clips

Butch the T. Rex bares his story in THE GOOD DINOSAUR clips!

The Good Dinosaur follows the journey of Arlo the Apatosaurus and his human friend, Spot, but there are plenty of other friends that they make along the way. One such friend is Butch the T. Rex, a truly rough meat eater who doesn’t fear much in their wild, unpredictable environment.

Butch is much different from Arlo, who’s afraid of just about everything, as evidenced in two new clips for the film.

It all starts with Butch telling Arlo the story behind his vicious scars.

Butch also isn’t worried about getting Arlo in on his plans, even if they make the young Apatosaurus very, very nervous.

The Good Dinosaur charges into theaters on November 25, 2015.