The HARRY POTTER Films are Coming Back to the Big Screen

All of the HARRY POTTER movies will be back in theatres this September!

It’s hard to believe it, but the first Harry Potter book is just over twenty years old, and the film adaptation isn’t much younger. To celebrate these birthdays Cinemark will be bringing all nine films set in the Wizarding World back to theatres. (Fantastic Beasts included!)

They will be playing at 141 Cinemark theatres across America from August 31st until September 6th. It will be $5 per film, or you can buy a ‘festival pass’ for $25. The pass will come with a keychain, a special cup that will be refillable for reduced prices throughout the year, and a festival badge.

Tickets for this magical extravaganza are on sale now, so go grab ’em while you can! It’s the movie marathon event of a lifetime.



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