The Hemsworth brothers’ box office battles

As Liam Hemsworth’s star continues to rise with his portrayal of Gale in The Hunger Games and role in the upcoming The Expendable 2, he is in a box office battle with his big brother Chris whose soon to be released film The Avengers is poised to be a huge hit.  The brothers, who in addition to being blessed with amazing genes (seriously, how gorgeous are they?!) are looking to fight it out in theaters all spring and summer long!  Liam has already bested Chris once as The Hunger Games easily took out Cabin in the Woods, however like The Hunger Games dominated the spring, The Avengers strive to dominate the summer, it looks like it just might do it!  Check out excerpt below from The New York Daily News, and please enjoy the photo (so beautiful!).

It’s the hottest sibling rivalry in Hollywood — in all senses of the adjective.

Chris and Liam Hemsworth both have enjoyed a meteoric rise in the few short years since they each moved here from their native Australia, where they were TV soap stars.

But they’ve really arrived this spring.

Liam, 22, has a major part in the year’s biggest movie phenomenon — “The Hunger Games,” which has already passed the $340 million mark at the box office. His 28-year-old brother, meanwhile, is reprising his super hero role as Thor in “The Avengers,” which opens May 4.

“Avengers,” according to some reports, could open even bigger than “Hunger Games.”

Chris can also be seen in the just-released horror flick, “Cabin in the Woods,” and the upcoming “Snow White and the Huntsman,” co-starring Kristen Stewart. Liam will be next seen fighting alongside Sylvester StalloneBruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger in this summer’s “The Expendables 2.”

Though they won’t it say publicly, there’s sure to be a battle for box office bragging rights in the genetically blessed Hemsworth clan. A source close to the brothers says “they’re good kids” who enjoy a relationship filled with good-natured competition and teasing.

“Very early on, I was working out for ‘Thor’ and he was coming in occasionally and working out with me and lifting weights. I was like, ‘What are you doing, you’re supposed to be a group of people who are underfed,’” Chris Hemsworth told the News.

“Chris actually texted me a month before shooting and said, it’s called ‘Hunger Games,’ not ‘Eating Games,’” Liam told the News.

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