‘The Host’ filming is a wrap!

In case you didn’t know, The Host has finished filming! WOO! That means we’re so much closer to the actual movie!

Here are some tweets from Jake Abel (playing Ian O’Shea in the film) and Stephen Rider (playing Seeker Reed):



We can’t wait either, Jake!

So….you guys know what that means, right? Soon we’ll be getting sick trailers (that we will re-watch until they’re memorized)!

Now, I’ve got a challenge for you….do you think you can convince some of your friends to read The Host if they already haven’t? I think everyone needs to read this amazing story. So, try to spread the word about the book. More people need to know about it! And even if they didn’t necessarily like Twilight, just talk to them about keeping an open mind! Spread the ~*love*~!

Make sure to check back here for more information about The Host and Stephenie Meyer!

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