‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ to Make a Predicted One Billion Dollars!

Catching Fire Teaser Poster Official


It’s no surprise that Lionsgate will cash in big time on November when The Hunger Games: Catching Fire FINALLY hits theatres! It’s predicted that it will make $1 billion worldwide. WOW!

Even though it’s still two months away from hitting theaters, money is already being counted for the mega-sequel “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Alan Gould of investment group Evercore has peered into his crystal ball and predicted a massive $950 million haul for ‘Catching Fire,’ with the movie projected to make $375 million domestically (which would actually be less than what the first “The Hunger Games” did) with $575 million more coming worldwide (clearly, they’re banking on business abroad). Should his guesstimates come true, this would certainly be a leap in profits for the franchise. In short, it would mark a roughly 35% jump in ticket sales between the first and second movie, and of course, nip at the heels of a being a billion-earner.

Surely I’ll chip in more than my fair share knowing that watching this once won’t be enough!


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