‘The Hunger Games’ Dos and Don’ts at the MTV Movie Awards

MTV has provided us with a list of things that everyone would like to see happen during the Movie Awards where The Hunger Games are concerned (don’t forget they are up for eight awards)!  See list below!

DO Dress to Impress Effie
If there’s one place to let your fashion freak flag fly, it’s most certainly at an MTV awards show. (Am I right, Rose McGowan?) Of course, I’m not encouraging any tribute-tushy flashing or donning of flame-licked jumpsuits (such a fire hazard!), but this is a safe space to experiment with fanciful motifs and pieces of flair. For instance, I could see Lawrence sporting a shorter, cropped version of her red, orange and yellow interview dress, or Banks working her sky-high Effie heels.

DON’T Tease Us
Full disclosure: I personally think “Twilight” co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a lock for a fourth Best Kiss statuette, but if the odds are indeed in Lawrence and Hutcherson’s favor and they’re named victors, I respectfully ask that they give us a show. None of this we-almost-maybe-kinda-sorta-kissed business. If you need some inspiration, Jennifer and Josh, take a page out of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams’ “Notebook.”

DO Bring Your Bow and Arrow
The Movie Awards have a storied history of spoofery, and while I have no insider information as to what’s in the works, Lawrence (if in attendance) would be wise to pack her trusty weapon. You never know when it will come in handy for a giggle-worthy gag! (Is this where I put in my request for Lawrence to shoot an apple off of Josh Horowitz‘s head?)

DON’T Drop Your Golden Popcorn
‘Nuff said.

DO Bring News About “Catching Fire”
We’re getting really hungry here, guys. Any scraps about the November 2013 release would be much appreciated. (Seriously, we’ll retrieve them from a pile of slop and devour them. We’re not proud

Please remember to vote, you can do so HERE.  The MTV movie awards air on June 3, you won’t want to miss it!