The Hunger Games Enter China

The Hunger Games opened in China last week and it seems that it has made an indelible mark on the people there.  And according to The Epoch Times, Peeta’s famous line, “I wish I can show them that they don’t own me,” even surprised one viewer to wonder how that even got through the stringent Chinese government censors.

Here are some online comments from other viewers:

Several others praised the film and sympathized with the plight of the teens: “It has been a long time since I last cried at a movie. When Katniss shows the hand sign of farewell to the people of District 12, I took it as the poor people’s cry for injustice and unfair treatment. It was shocking to see.”

A more somber tone was taken by “colin:” “Too bad that the teens did not die, sparking a revolt against the dictatorship. Perhaps that’s also a regret existing in reality.”

According to “light blue jade:” “Having to struggle against a bloody and treacherous web of intrigue is similar to our own country, so I feel that this was no mere teen flick.”

“Icy leaves,” in Guangdong, remarking on this, wrote: “Go see it and afterwards you’ll know that everything is controlled by politics, just like society today where those with the bucks get the respect!”

This sentiment was echoed by “A Fan of Garfield” in Guangdong: “A searing critique of today’s cruel reality.”

Reading these comments, it’s something for us in America to consider.  We often talk about how our country looks to be on its way to something close to what is being depicted in the Hunger Games, but I think we forget that other countries have already been through much more than we can even imagine.

Another interesting thought:  Will China allow the upcoming sequels Catching Fire and Mockingjay to be played as well?

By Kait

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