‘The Hunger Games’ is 2012’s Most Googled Movie

Google released their list of search trends in 2012 and when it comes to movies The Hunger Games reigns supreme! I can’t say I’m surprised at this news since I know I Googled it who-knows-how-many times, but it’s still pretty remarkable news as it shows just how much interest surrounded the film, especially with the general public.


From MTV:

“The Hunger Games” might not have been the top grossing or most acclaimed movie of the year, but it was the film that people cared about the most.

Google has released a list of its top trends for 2012, and “The Hunger Games” came out on top of the movies category. It makes sense, too: There was plenty of hype leading up to the March release of “The Hunger Games,” with many positing that it could be the next “Twilight.” It remains to be seen if the film series will have the same sort of staying power that “The Twilight Saga” did, but we’d argue that it has lived up to its expectations thus far.