The Hunger Games Is Up For ‘Best Beard Ensemble’ At The First Annual Reelzie Awards is slowly releasing categories and nominees for their first ever Reelzie Awards which are voted on by you! So far you can vote for Best On The Nose Title, Most Counter-intuitive Movie Title, Best Beard and Best Beard Ensemble for which The Hunger Games are up.  I’m a little surprised that Seneca Crane’s Beard didn’t get a nod in the Best Beard category, though I guess it’s fair since there really are a few great beards in the film, Seneca’s just got the most attention!

From Reelz:

hunger-games-beardsWhile a movie that is primarily about a teenage girl might not be an obvious choice for a beard-centric award, many residents of the Capitol had such remarkable beards it seemed wrong to exclude The Hunger Games from this category

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