THE HUNGER GAMES Star Jennifer Lawrence Talks Drug-Induced Downward Spiral on Colbert Report

This is probably my favorite recent Jennifer Lawrence interviews, just slightly topping her one with David Letterman.  Talking about how her archery skills having been lacking in the “third installment in a rare four-part trilogy” and how she flails her arms to visually describe it is hilarious.  I love how Stephen Colbert just points out how JLaw (a nickname she’s apparently had since she was in middle school), being at such a young age and accomplished so much already, doesn’t really have to do much anymore.  She can even hit her downward spiral (as assumed what happens to all stars after they hit their peak), and he would join with her, since this will be the last season of the Colbert Report (sadly).  Or they could go fight crime together.  Really, there’s no difference.

It’s a great 6+ minutes with Jenn and Stephen that should be watched by all fans of Jennifer Lawrence.


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