THE HUNGER GAMES Theme Park Coming To Dubai

It’s not an early April Fools day joke! THE HUNGER GAMES theme park attractions are coming soon.

It’s long been rumored, but now it’s real. THE HUNGER GAMES will be getting its own slice of theme park fame! The idea has been a controversial one among Americans, who tend to believe a theme park goes directly against the themes of the book-to-movie franchise. That’s probably why THE HUNGER GAMES theme park attractions will be heading to Motiongate Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in October 2016.

Much like The Wizarding of HARRY POTTER, THE HUNGER GAMES theme park will be a dedicated section of a much larger park. Lionsgate will also be adding in attractions featured on its other properties, such as a STEP UP themed stage show.

Here’s what Lionsgate CEO John Feltheimer had to say about THE HUNGER GAMES theme park:

“Our franchises are continuing to drive location-based entertainment opportunities around the world. We’re proud to partner with the team at Dubai Parks and Resorts to create a thrilling total entertainment experience designed to attract millions of new fans and continue the global expansion of our brands.”

We imagine the section of the park dedicated to the franchise will be very “Capitol”, as Dubai is well-known for its love of wealth and opulence.



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