We’ve got a while yet before another Shadowhunter series starts, but that hasn’t stopped author Cassandra Clare from torturing, or in pleasant terms, teasing us with snippets from future books.

If you missed this one, here’s a snippet from The Dark Artifices, in which an unnamed female character wonders about half-faerie Mark Blackthorn:

She had wondered, when he’d looked into her eyes and said that he’d had to learn to make do without mirrors in the Wild Hunt, whose eyes he’d been looking into for all those years. Who’d been his mirror.

Now she knew.

And here’s one from The Last Hours regarding the apparently ever-loveable Matthew Fairchild:

Matthew held out his hands. “Pax,” he said, wheedlingly. “Let it be peace between us. You can pour the rest of the port on my head.”

James’ mouth curved up into a smile. It was impossible to stay angry with Matthew. It was almost impossible to get angry at Matthew. 

She sure knows how to make us fall in love with characters we haven’t even really read much about yet.  But honestly, how can you not fall in love with these Shadowhunters.

Snippets via Cassandra Clare’s Tumblr

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