Check out the latest SUICIDE SQUAD TV spot!

In the latest Suicide Squad TV spot, Deadshot reminds everyone, ‘Don’t forget, we’re the bad guys!’

DC has released a new NBA spot for their upcoming anti-hero team-up Suicide Squad. One part grunge, one part action, and all parts psychotic, it gives us a glimpse of the most unlikely group of protectors we’ll see this year. While there’s only so much plot a TV spot can reveal, it definitely shows the movie will have it’s own distinct flavor. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is given the most screen time, which makes sense considering the rumors she pitched a solo movie for her character last month. Check out the video below, and keep it here at The Fandom for all the latest Suicide Squad news as we look forward to its August 5th release.

This TV spot was reported on Yahoo Movies.