THE MAZE RUNNER Actor Ki Hong Lee Gives Video Update


Not only does Ki Hong Lee (Minho) give us plenty o’ tweets, but he’s also posted this YouTube video along with his fellow glader, Will Poulter (Gally):


It seems that Will got a lot of firsts during his time with the Maze Runner cast, including a visit to a Waffle House  (I’ve done that!)

And apparently, the nickname for Thomas “TBS” Brodie-Sangster is Thomas “TBG” Brodie-Gangster.  I guess that’s a cool thing, though, because obviously our dear Thomas is not really a gangster.  He plays Newt, after all.

Plus, you gotta love Will for his “Pow!” moments.

So, what do you think of this video?  Can’t wait to see more?  Comment below!

And for added bonus, here’s the outtakes video:


By Kait

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