THE MAZE RUNNER Casting Call for “Military Types”

A casting call was recently distributed by the Baton Rouge Film Commission for eight physically fit men to participate in a two day shoot somewhere around July 8 to 10 in Baton Rouge for THE MAZE RUNNER movie.

According to

The production is seeking eight physically fit men between 30 to 45 years old with short, military-style hair. Applicants will be required to work outdoors in full military gear.

Those interested should forward their info via email to In addition to describing any military experience, they should include their age; height; weight; phone number; city of residence; and two photos — one from the waist up, and one full-body shot. The photos should be taken while the subject is “standing in front of a plain wall wearing a plain tee shirt and pants and clean shaven,” according to the casting call.

You can read more about the casting call here.

It seems to me that these extras will be the WICKED soldiers that we see in the end of the book. Have another idea? Let us know in the comments!