The Maze Runner Casting Process Has Begun!

Even though most everything about the upcoming Maze Runner movie is under lock and key, we did get a very interesting tidbit of info today from author James Dashner’s blog.

Everything is pretty tight-lipped right now, but all I can tell you is what is public knowledge. Wes Ball is directing, The Gotham Group is producing, 20th Century Fox is the studio, and the film is in pre-production. And the casting process has begun. If you are an interested actor and you know what you’re doing, you probably already know this.

Sounds pretty interesting. James has said that he could see Joel Courtney, who played the main character in the 2011 movie Super 8, cast as Thomas.joel courtney Authors usually don’t have a huge say in who is cast in their book’s movie, but his wishes may be seriously considered.

What do you think? Last summer you voted for who you think should play each character. You can see the final results in video form here. Do you still agree with last years’s polls, or do you side with James, the very person who invented Thomas? Sound off in the comments.

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