THE MAZE RUNNER Press Conference at WonderCon 2014


James Dashner, author of The Maze Runner series and The Eye of Minds, was on hand at WonderCon to talk about The Maze Runner movie.  He was accompanied by director Wes Ball and actors Dylan O’Brien and Will Poulter.  Dylan O’Brien, most known for his role as Stiles in MTV’s Teen Wolf series, plays Thomas, the main protagonist of the film, while Will Poulter, fresh off his MTV Movie Award winning role as Kenny in the comedy We’re The Millers, plays a much different role as a character named Gally.

Here, you can watch the press conference as they answer questions about the characters, the creation of the grievers, and even the score of the movie.

Dylan talks about the challenge of the more physically demanding role of Thomas than that of his Teen Wolf character, Stiles:

The group talks about the fascination with dystopian novels and films:

Dylan O’Brien talks about being in the lead role and comparisons to Katniss:

Will Poulter talks about how his career has changed since before his BAFTA and MTV movie awards:

Wes Ball talks about the pressure of making a successful book-to-movie adaptation:

Will Poulter talks Jennifer Aniston “text” from the MTV movie awards:

Wes and James talk about the grievers being put on screen:

James on his core audience when writing:

The group talks about the score for the movie: