THE MAZE RUNNER Sequel Casts DIVERGENT Actress as Brenda

THE SCORCH TRIALS, the action-packed sequel to THE MAZE RUNNER, has cast its Brenda– but with the casting comes a new twist to the character.


Rosa Salazar, who will also portray Lynn in next year’s DIVERGENT sequel, INSURGENT, will be our Brenda. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Brenda’s role will be very different than the one she played in the book.

Salazar will play Brenda, a character who runs around with another group of teens (as that group’s lone female), who ends up paired with O’Brien’s character when both end up on the run in tunnels underneath a city.

[BOOK SPOILERS IN THIS PARAGRAPH] In THE SCORCH TRIALS book, Thomas and his friends are “Group A” while “Group B” is an all female group with one male counterpart. Brenda is from neither of these groups, but instead Thomas and the others stumble upon Brenda in a group of newly-infected “Cranks” who have just contracted The Flare and live in the remnants of the city. Of course, it turns out that her story is much more complex than that.

There’s a possibility that the character description is wrong, but usually studio descriptions come along with these casting announcements and they are pretty accurate to the film’s plot.

THE SCORCH TRIALS begins filming in a weeks and will be out on September 18, 2015.


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