THE MAZE RUNNER’s THE DEATH CURE will be split into Two Movies

Wes Ball to direct both parts of The Death Cure

UPDATE, 16:47 EDT, 7/19/15:  Please note that this article was an April Fool’s Day joke, posted on 4/1/15.  None of this is true and it was already confirmed that The Death Cure movie will not be split into two.

Like many other YA book-to-movie adaptations since the Harry Potter movies, it seems to have become mandatory now to split the final book into two movies.  Thus, The Maze Runner series falls victim to the hands of Hollywood money-grubbing executives that have stated The Death Cure will be split into two movies.

Despite this news that may get fans a bit disgruntled, one piece of news may give fans hope – Wes Ball has signed on to direct both The Death Cure, Parts 1 and Part 2.  This is what he said in a recent interview:

“I’m proud of what I’ve done so far with the first two movies, and I actually want to see this through to the end.  And I don’t plan on saving everything for Part 2,” said Ball.  “There’s definitely going to be some intense action for Part 1.”

the-death-cure-coverI don’t know if anyone is as excited as me, but to have the same director direct all the movies in the series is a rare, rare thing, and I already loved what he did with The Maze Runner, so I definitely don’t mind him directing parts 1 and 2, even if there are two parts when there should be one.

But at the same time, I’m wondering how much filler is going to be added to make The Death Cure successful as two books.  As financially successful as previous split books have been for the studios, fans are usually the ones who suffer, having to deal with stretched out and often boring scenes.  I hope that Wes can deliver on his promise.  But I guess we won’t find out until maybe late 2016.

Unless it’s all a joke…  April Fool’s Day!

(To confirm, this story has no merit whatsoever and was posted for the fun of April Fool’s Day.  Whether or not you were fooled, thanks for visiting!)


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