The New, the Old, and the Not Happening on ONCE UPON A TIME

What’s coming next for ONCE UPON A TIME this season? Here’s what we know – and what we guess.

Once Upon a Time Season 7 has been a wild ride. The writers have successfully tricked us into believing so many falsehoods: that Lady Tremaine cast the (most recent) Dark Curse, for example, or that Drizella was just misunderstood and underappreciated, or that Captain Hook had left Emma in Storybrooke… The twists have been swift and unrelenting. So as we inch closer to the spring premiere, let’s get ahead of the curve and take a look at what we know.

The New

Two new actors and one new director (sort of) have been added for this spring. The first fresh face is Kip Pardue, cast as the fiancé of Zelena’s cursed alter-ego, Kelly. Pardue has most recently starred on the Hulu hit Runaways. Pardue’s Once Upon a Time character, Chad, will appear in the show’s 150th episode (more on that in a minute). He should be a nice counterpart for Rebecca Mader’s Zelena/Kelly: clever, romantic, patient, compassionate, and able to keep his cool even when his whole world turns upside down.

Our next newcomer is playing a character we expected to see sooner or later: Tiana’s love interest Prince Naveen. He will be portrayed by Beyond star Jeff Pierre. Set to make his debut in the 12th episode of the season, entitled “A Taste of the Heights,” Pierre’s Naveen will not mirror the animated version from The Princess and the Frog. Instead, he will appear to be fun-loving, uncaring, and reckless, but his true self will be masked: that of someone determined to make amends for his tragic past, no matter what the consequences may be.

As for that new director we mentioned, it’s not exactly a new face – she’s just usually in front of the cameras. The Evil Queen herself, Lana Parrilla, is set to direct the show’s 150th episode!

The Old

Now that we’ve looked at some new additions, let’s check in with the series regulars. According to a recent interview with showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, we’ll be seeing more of Mekia Cox’s Tiana/Sabine and Colin O’Donoghue’s Hook/Rogers. They also teased more flashbacks and a love interest (whom we have apparently already met!) for Regina/Roni; a potential team-up between Robert Carlyle’s Rumple/Weaver and Regina/Roni – maybe even with Adelaide Kane’s Drizella in the mix; more flashbacks in a variety of locations for Rose Reynolds’s Alice; and the possibility of some original cast members returning for guest appearances.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Once Upon a Time interview if it didn’t tug at our heartstrings a little. We’ll consider this “old” news because it shouldn’t come as a surprise: at least one familiar face will die by season’s end.

The Not Happening

In the same interview, we learned about a variety of things that just aren’t going to happen. Here’s a list for your amusement:

  • Meeting Hook’s mother
  • Learning Roni’s last name
  • This whole season being a nightmare of Henry’s
  • Meeting Killian and Emma’s child (Why??)
  • Time travel this season
  • New versions of Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid this season
  • More of Dark OutlawQueen (Evil Queen & Robin Hood)

Well, there you have it: what we know, and guess, about the back half of Once Upon a Time Season 7. What are you looking forward to? Who would you love to see a new version of? Let us know what you think as March 2nd approaches!

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