The ORPHAN BLACK Panel At WonderCon 2015 Talk Season 3

The cast of Orphan Black came to WonderCon in Anaheim this past weekend. Cast members in attendance were, Jordan Gavaris (Felix Dawkins), Dylan Bruce (Paul Dierden), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Mrs. S), Evelyne Brochu (Delphine Cormier), Kristian Bruun (Donnie Hendrix), and Graeme Manson (executive producer). At their panel on Saturday plenty of clips from the upcoming season where revealed. The sneak peeks included Sarah meeting with Rudy one of the Castor clones, a moment between Sarah and Felix, Mrs. S admitting her betrayal to Sarah, a heartbreaking scene between Cosima and Delphine, Paul with a couple of the Castor clones, and a scene between Alison and Donnie after he has gotten fired.

Some highlights from the Orphan Black panel include:

Graeme Manson on more Beth this season:

“There are tons of people that are intrigued by Beth. So am I and John Fawcett, who won’t let up about it. So this year we do something really interesting to open up Beth’s story a crack. And it’s definitely in our cards in the future to look deeper into Beth. Tatiana was really excited to step back into those high heeled shoes that she only wore for like four seconds. It’s something we’re really excited about and it’s kind of a beautiful thing.”

Maria Doyle Kennedy on Mrs. S and her betrayal:

“I think it was a really dangerous move for her to make. It was really duplicitous obviously. I mean she makes lots of crazy decisions but she always has a good reason for making them, ultimately to protect her family. And betraying Helena is a little closer to the edge in that respect. We met Helena as she was trying to kill Sarah, but they did develop a relationship. They understood where they came from. For Mrs. S to make a decision to betray her even though she’s doing it to try and protect Sarah and Kira and to find some safety for them it’s still a fundamental shift in terms of where she’s prepared to go. It was hard to do and also in doing it I knew there would be massive consequences. I knew that it would have a huge effect on my relationship with Sarah and within our family generally. I knew that it would be a major rupture but I still felt that I had to do it.”

Evelyn Brochu on Delphine’s intentions this season:

“She’s not going to unveil her intentions as fast as we’d like, because when you’re in a position of power you want to keep that power. Sometimes you’ve got to keep secrets and you’ve got to make hard choices and sacrifices. Sometimes there are heartbreaking decisions, but the beautiful thing about power to is that you get a chance at doing what you need to be doing and you also get a chance at revenge.”

Dylan Bruce on Paul’s role this season:

“I think a lot of questions are answered this season for sure. Paul’s finally in his element with the military and the Castor boys. He’s kind of quasi leader of the wolf pack. He tries to keep these kids in check. There’s a really interesting story arc for Paul this year and I think everybody is going to be blown away.”

Kristian Bruun on Donnie and Alison this season:

“There is a lot of comedic relief between Donnie and Alison but every once in a while they like to throw some drama in there and they certainly don’t disappoint with that this season. Now that Donnie and Alison are working together team Hendrix is a real force to be reckoned with. Donnie is spending a lot of time at home now that he’s jobless and they’ve got to find a way to make a living.”

Some pictures from the panel:

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