The (Possible) Joker Threatens GOTHAM Comic-Con Panel

The GOTHAM Comic-Con panel ended with a thrill as The Joker took over… Or did he?

“I’ve got a question: How high is your pain tolerance?”

A young man stole the mic from a fan at Comic-Con to ask that chilling question during the Q & A portion of the Gotham Comic-Con panel on Saturday. The man was 21-year-old actor Cameron Monaghan, better known simply as Jerome to fans of the show.

Ben McKenzie aka Detective Jim Gordon played along with the stunt, standing up and vowing to come after “Jerome” and put him away for good.

Go to about the 14:20 mark to watch it all play out!

Monaghan’s guest role in the show mid-season gave fans reason to believe that he is in fact a younger version of The Joker, thanks to his screeching laugh and generally unhinged nature. This Instagram photo simply tagged #Gotham got fans stirring once again on Wednesday.

However, showrunner Bruno Heller, says that Jerome may NOT really be who we think he is:

“People will have to watch in the long run to see where this character goes and whether he is the Joker or not, but the whole show is about origin stories, and origins can be very complex and convoluted things.”

So is Jerome simply as Red Herring? We’ll find out more in Season 2 of Gotham, it seems!


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