THE PUNISHER Is Coming For His Enemies In New Teaser

Frank Castle has a message in the latest PUNISHER teaser!

Frank Castle may have evaded some of his former military foes in Season 2 of Daredevil, but he’s certainly not done getting caught up in conspiracies as his solo spinoff show begins!

In a new teaser for The Punisher, Frank Castle is out in the middle of the woods being hunted by armed soldiers. One by one, he takes them down with nothing but a knife, trees for cover, and his wits. After he takes down the last of them, he looks into the soldier’s body cam and shares a sinister message.

Who Frank is coming for is still relatively unknown. Someone with power and authority is certainly hunting him down, but who and why?

Despite a pretty steady stream of promo, Netflix still hasn’t shared the release date for the show. Who else thinks the streaming service is just dropping the first season unexpectedly one day soon? We’re thinking it will happen on Veteran’s Day, in honor of Frank’s military background, or November 17th, Justice League’s release date, because Marvel loves to troll their “Distinguished Competition.”

We’ll find out before the end of 2017, but that’s all we know for sure!

By Kait

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