THE SCORCH TRIALS To Play In Specialized Barco Escape Cinemas

THE MAZE RUNNER sequel is latching on to the next major advancement in cinema, the Barco Escape.

Select fans of THE MAZE RUNNER series will be able to watch THE SCORCH TRIALS in a whole new way when it hits theaters in September. The film will be shown in a new immersive cinematic format called the Barco Escape, which puts the movie on either side of the audience instead of simply in front of them.

Here’s a look at the Barco Escape theaters featuring Wes Ball’s short film RUIN:

Much in the same way that some 3D movies aren’t entirely in 3D, only about 20 minutes of THE SCORCH TRIALS will appear in this format. THE MAZE RUNNER was also featured in Barco Escape theaters, but only about 10 minutes of the movie was formatted.

The specialized theater experience is best used to enhance action or suspense scenes as it gives the appearance of things coming at your from every angle or lurking in the corners of your vision.

THE SCORCH TRIALS hits theaters on September 18, 2015.