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THE WALKING DEAD 6.02 Trailer and Sneak Peeks, ‘JSS’

Alexandria prepares for a showdown with The Wolves in ‘JSS’!

Perhaps the worst thing the characters on The Walking Dead can do is get comfortable. Alexandria certainly wasn’t a comfortable environment last season, but now that tensions have shimmered down, there’s another threat on the horizon. A group known as The Wolves are out to disrupt their town and this week’s episode is the start of a serious showdown!

Check out the official trailer for the episode below!

Official Synopsis:

“Just when it looks like things can return to normal, or as normal as things can be in the apocalypse, a new problem arises for the Alexandrians.”

Also, check out a new sneak peek in which Carl has a confrontation with Father Gabriel while talking Judith for a stroll. Gabriel certainly isn’t a fan favorite after last season, but it looks like he may be trying to get his head back in the game and redeem himself a bit– or at least trying to earn some trust in Alexandria.

Another sneak peek is really ramping things up as it suggests a young Alexandrian is working with the enemy. Watch as Enid takes down a walker and climbs into the car and writes ‘JSS’ in the foggy window. The popular theory is that ‘JSS’ stands for “Just Stay Still”, something the Wolves said to Morgan in the Season 5 finale. If it’s true, this definitely shows that Enid has at least some connection to the group.

Is Enid the one who honked the horn? It’s possible, but this scene may be a ruse to keep your mind off the real culprit.

We’ll find out when The Walking Dead‘s ‘JSS’ airs this Sunday on AMC.



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