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THE WALKING DEAD at NYCC: Saints & Sinners VR Activation Recap

Every year, hundreds and thousands of nerds and geeks come together to share and bond over their passionate love for specific fandoms. And every year, companies take this opportunity as a platform to showcase and promote their newest product.

For some lucky folks, New York Comic Con is a chance to try out these new video games that are not yet released to the public.

I for one had a very special opportunity to try out the new Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners game. Slated to be released next January, this new VR game will drop players into the middle of the New Orleans bayou and give them a new way to fully experience a life in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-ridden world.

Within thirty minutes, I fell in love with not only the realness and compelling storyline of this game, but also the incredible graphics and details found throughout the game. The visuals were incredibly real and you could actually feel the rebound of the gun or the intense weight of slicing a zombie in the head.

When asked why the game developers chose New Orleans, they explained that they wanted a city that had culture and history and could itself be a character in the game.

New Orleans is at war and the living are not just fending off the dead, but each other as well.

As players, we will get the chance to not only explore and fight zombies along the way but also craft how we want our story to unfold. A new twist on the standard video game premise, this new and upcoming VR game, based off of the popular Walking Dead franchise will sure be a hit for any hardcore zombie-slaying fans.

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