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THE WALKING DEAD Recap | Episode 6.02 “JSS”

The Walking Dead wants you to JSS 

Flashback scene: We see Enid in a broken down car, keeping a lookout as her parents try to fix it. But the walkers arrive and next we see her locked in the car and clearly distraught as she watches a walker eating what’s left of her parents. We cut to Enid hiding behind a tree as walkers are nearby, and she writes JSS on the ground. She writes it again on a window of an abandoned car that she hides in. She even uses the bones of a tortoise as she eats its raw insides. Finally, she comes across the gates of the Alexandria community, and etches it on her dirty and bloody hands before she enters.


All is quiet in the Alexandria community. Everything seems to be going fine, no horn, no yelling or screaming. We see where each of the major characters are.

Carol is in the pantry, continuing her happy homemaker persona and talking with the other Alexandria women in the pantry about recipes. She slyly reprimands Mrs. Neudermeyer for her smoking habit, which is met with quiet cheers by the other women after Mrs. Neudermeyer leaves.. Sam is sitting on her front porch, looking quite depressed, but she isn’t going to be gentle to him. She straightforwardly tells him that his dad beat him and now he’s dead and that’s that, basically telling him to get over it.


At Sam’s house, Jessie brings out her hair scissors and calls out for Sam’s older brother. Ron knows it’s not about cutting his and and that she wants to talk to him, but he argues with her about Rick and tells her that he’s dangerous and he can’t deal with him being Jessie’s friend. He leaves the house pissed off.

Maggie walks the perimeter with Deanna, telling Deanna she needs to she needs to show the community that she’s still here for the group.

Eugene and Tara are in the medical house and meet Denise, the new doctor. She reveals she’s a psychiatrist, but she’s all they have as a doctor now that Pete’s dead, and she’s somewhat freaked out about it.

Carl is walking Judith when Gabriel confronts him. He confesses that what he said to Deanna about the group was really about him. He wants to help now, and Carl agrees to teach him later that day. As he continues his stroll, he sees an upset Ron talking with Enid and then hugging her.

After Carol put a casserole in the oven and sets the timer for 45 minutes, she walks to the window and sees Mrs. Neudermeyer taking a smoke outside her house. Carol shakes her head a bit, and suddenly someone with a machete rushes in and hacks Mrs. Neudermeyer in the back before hacking her in the head.


Oh crap!  It looks like it’s not going to be quiet in the Alexandria community anymore.

Deanna and Maggie hear the screams from the perimeter and realize they’re being attacked, after Richard, who’s staying watch above the gate, has a Molotov Cocktail thrown at him, and is burned alive. Maggie is ready, but Deanna is shocked and it takes her a while to move and follow Maggie back to the entrance.

We see now the whole town is being attacked. Jessie and Sam hide in a closet. People are being killed by unknowns. Carol leaves the house, while Carl stays. Enid avoids the danger and goes to see Carl to say goodbye, and he tells her to stay with him and protect Judith, refusing her goodbye. She tells him that Alexandria is too big to keep safe, which is why she plans on going.

Carol sees all the chaos, watching one man using a dead one’s blood to put a W on his forehead. Yes, the Wolves are the attackers. As she’s going to wherever she’s going, he hears another woman scream and sees one of the wolves slash at the woman’s stomach before she’s able to kill him. Unfortunately, she has to kill the woman also since she’s making too much noise and it’s probably too late to save her. She takes a brief moment to maybe get a grip on just what is happening, and probably plan what to do next.

Spencer is on the sentry tower when he sees a semitruck barreling toward his tower. He shoots, but misses and the semi crashes into him, causing the horn to blare loudly. It’s the same horn we hear at the end of the previous episode. Now we know that this takes place during the same time that Rick and his group of volunteers were redirecting the zombie parade.

Aaron and some others carry a severely injured victim named Holly into the med house. He and Rosita go back out to see what they can do to stop the Wolves.


Spencer is now trying to stop the horn, but the Wolves tied a walker to the inside of the semi, and he’s hesitant to kill the walker. No worries, though, because Morgan arrives and kills the walker. Morgan tells Spencer he can help, or stay there. Spencer says nothing, obviously scared to go inside.

Morgan goes inside the gates and confronts one of the Wolves, but before he can even try to show his staff skills, another person who’s dressed like one of the Wolves interrupts and stabs the big bad man with the ax. The person is revealed to be Carol, disguised and wearing the clothes of the man that she stabbed killed earlier. At this point, Morgan is pissed, telling Carol that she didn’t have to kill him, but she disagrees and goes into the process of putting a bloody W on her forehead like she saw one of them do. She tells him that she needs his help to get to the armory.


As Deanna and Maggie are still around the perimeter, they run into Spencer, still standing near the semi. Maggie tells them they need to go help, but Deanna confesses she would probably just be another victim needing to be saved. But like her son, you know she’s also too scared. Maggie leaves them there as she goes inside.

In the med house, Tara is telling Denise to try to help Holly, though Denise is even hesitant to try, saying that the woman is already a goner. But Tara knows Denise is scared and she should still try. Even Eugene tells her not to be a coward, and that finally convinces her to try.

Outside the Grimes home, Carl shoots and kills an attacker chasing after Ron. Ron sees Enid at the front door of the house and apparently is too jealous to get in the house where Carl offers to keep him safe.

Jessie and Sam are still hiding, but Jessie decides to get out once she hears the footsteps fade. Of course the Wolf woman was in hiding and she knocks Jessie out. After a second, Jessie is up and uses the scissors to kill the woman, stabbing continuously, just as Ron enters.


Carol is using Morgan to get the armory, but once he sees Gabriel being attacked off to the side, he leaves her to help Gabriel. Carol gets to the armory, killing a few of the Wolves in the process as they think she’s their buddy who she killed. Carol kicks some serious ass at this point and makes her way to the armory. She finds Lydia hiding in the closet and gives her instructions to shoot anyone that tries to bust in.

Morgan is tying up the attacker that he knocked out. The attacker wakes up and says that they don’t belong there anymore, but Carol shoots him in the head before he can say more. She gives Gabriel and Morgan a gun and runs off to give others guns.

Morgan gives his gun to Gabriel, saying he’s not good with guns, probably referring to how he couldn’t kills his walker wife a few seasons back when he had the chance.

Morgan is confronted by five of them. He tells them to leave, warning them they now have guns. He knocks them down and tells the one guy left standing that the life they’re leading is going to kill them. But the guy confesses to him they didn’t choose this life. Morgan lets them go, and the guy takes a gun from one of the dead bodies before they run out. Morgan closes the gate.

Carol looks down at Mrs. Neudermeyer’s face. She then sits on her porch and wipes the W from her forehead and breaks down a bit, shedding a tear. We can only guess at the various reasons why.


Aaron is walking the area making sure it’s safe again, stabbing the dead in the head if needed. He finds the backpack he left back in the where he and Daryl were trapped in the car surrounded by all the walkers. He pulls out the pictures he took and they are pictures of the community. This is most likely what led the Wolves to Alexandria in the first place, and you can see the guilt he has about it.

Holly flatlines on the table. And Tara tells her at least she tried.

Deanna and Spencer are still alive and walking the perimeter with Maggie and Rosita.

Enid has left, leaving Carl a note to Just Survive Somehow – JSS. Carl doesn’t show much emotion about it. The timer for Carol’s casserole goes off, and we see Carl pull it out of the oven.


Morgan is attacked by the guy who he first met in the woods, and finally kills him, telling him he’s sorry.

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