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THE WALKING DEAD recap | Episode 6.05 “Now”

Rick returns to the Alexandria community in “Now” episode of The Walking Dead

The last we saw of Rick was in episode 6.03 in which he was stuck in the TV with walkers coming out from the forest and surround the vehicle. Well, surprise!  He didn’t get eaten up and he comes back to the Alexandria community, but brings along his zombie entourage.  So, we get to “Now,” and we have half the walkers from the quarry clawing at the gates, apparently 20 walkers deep.  Not surprising as that the Alexandrians are losing not only hope, but their leader as well as it seems Deanna is going through her own downward spiral into uselessness.  Read on, especially if you missed the episode!


Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) looks from above the wall and around the community.

She sees Michonne (Danai Gurira), Maggie (Lauren Cohan), and Rosita (Christian Serratos) and we overhear Michonne apologizing to Maggie for having to separate from Glenn (Steven Yeun).

Someone yells to open the gate and she sees a huge group of walkers coming towards the community, with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) running from them. He gets in and the walkers are just outside. Deanna is speechless.

Rick tries to give a pep talk to the community even though it’s about half the walkers. He tells them they’re safe for now and that the walls can hold, but the community needs to hold together as well. He lets them know the others will be back to help soon and they’ll lead this half out as well, but the Alexandrians look despondent, despite Rosita trying to back him up.

Aaron (Ross Marquand) tells them the quarry broke and all of them were coming but Rick’s group got half of them away. Aaron tells them it was because of his lost pack that the Wolves found them. Deanna walks away, and ignores them when they call for her, as if she can’t deal with them anymore.

Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) drags the woman she killed and brings her to the pile along with the other dead Wolves. Before she starts digging too much, Rick tells her to stop, that they don’t bury killers within the walls.

The community starts taking whatever food they want despite Olivia (Ann Mahoney) telling them not to, but they don’t believe they’ll make it past a day and don’t want to starve in their last days. Even though Deanna watches, she doesn’t say anything, probably because she feels the same way. Spencer (Austin Nichols) comes and prevents them from grabbing all the goods, telling them if they do, they’ll be going on a downward spiral to destroying the place.

Aaron walks the area, seeing some of them writing the names of the dead on the wall, and Glenn’s name is written on there. He sees and follows Maggie into the armory, where she’s gearing up to go out. Aaron tells her he can’t let her do this, and when she tells him he can’t stop her, he decides to go with her.

Deanna starts writing out stuff possibly a new plan for redevelopment of the community on a blueprint sheet: “Dolor hic tibi proderit olim,” translated to “Someday this pain will be useful to you.”

Deanna sees that a drunk Spencer stole some goods from the pantry and confronts him about what he said to the group, and when she calls him out on it, he yells at her, blaming her for the reason they’re there, saying it was never safe for them but she wanted to dream. He then puts the blame on her for the deaths of Reg and Aidan. She has nothing to say and he walks off as she puts the stuff he stole back in the basket.

Carl (Chandler Riggs) tells Ron (Austin Abrams) about Enid and Ron says that she won’t let him go after her. Ron tries to stop him, but a push/pull slap fight ensues before Ron gets pushed to the ground. When Ron says he’s going to tell Rick, which will cause him to go out there and then other people, and basically someone will die if that happens. Ron then says that since Carl saved his life, he’s saving Ron’s now. Carl doesn’t say anything and leaves Ron there on the ground.


Denise (Merritt Wever) checks on the unconscious Scott (Kenric Green), who was injured from friendly fire in the “Thank You” episode, and she’s frustrated that she can’t do anything and starts to cry. Tara (Alanna Masterson) comes in to check on her. Denise is feeling hopeless and scared, feeling that Scott is close to dying. But Tara, ever the encourager, tells him he’s not dead yet and that being scared sucks.

Jessie finds one of their own has turned walker and she kills it, while some of them are just watching, scared and unsure. Jessie tells them that this is what life looks like and they have to see it and fight it, cause if they don’t fight, they die. Denise is one of the witnesses.


Aaron leads Maggie through a passage in the sewers, under the wall, and hopefully past the walkers. Maggie tells him if Glenn is alive, she has to be there for him. But Maggie also needs to know either way if he’s alive or dead.

They come across two walkers in the sewers and they are gross! Maggie’s hands goes under one of the walkers’ rib cage before Aaron is able to stab it in the head after he dealt with the other gnarly one that was after him. Even though Aaron is bleeding from a hit to his head, he refuses to let Maggie go alone.

Denise finally figures out the solution to Scott’s injury and it was just a matter of drawing the puss out that was building up in his leg. She does so and it definitely is working.

Rick is on the top of the wall trying to contact Daryl, Abraham, or Sasha, to no avail, when Ron comes to talk to Rick, and tells him about Enid going over the wall. Ron tells him that he said that Carl planned on going after her but he stopped him, telling him that he saw Carl on the porch with Judith. Ron then asks Rick to teach him how to shoot, so he gives him his gun, unloaded, to start practicing on the walkers below.  (Hey, Rick!  Remember when Jessie said not to do that?)


Denise comes to see Tara, who’s sitting on the porch, and asks how the guy is, and Denise answers by kissing Tara on the lips. Tara asks her what it is and Denise tells her it’s the end of the world, but Tara disagrees. Denise admits that being afraid sucks.


Maggie and Aaron see that they didn’t get past the walkers at the end of the sewer tunnel. She stops Aaron from trying and tells him that she’s pregnant, and that she didn’t go because of that reason, but that if she did go maybe she could’ve helped him. But now she has to live with her decisions and she tells Aaron he does, too.



Jessie tries to lure Sam (Major Dodson) downstairs with cookies, and she knows he’s scared, but he doesn’t take the bait, opting to stay upstairs where things don’t change.

It’s night now, and Deanna is outside holding the basket of goods that Spencer stole when a lone walker tries to attack her. She’s momentarily surprised, but then she starts stabbing him continuously in the chest with a broken bottle, and only stops when Rick runs up and stabs it in the head.

Deanna tells him she wants to live and wants the place to stay standing. When Rick says she needs to lead them, she tells him that he’s the one who needs to lead. As she puts the stuff back in the basket she asks Rick if her dream was just a “pie in the sky,” and he tells her no.

Aaron and Maggie are on the wall, apparently back from their attempted departure. She goes to the wall where the names are written and starts erasing Glenn’s name. Aaron joins her, starting to erase Nicholas’ name as well (ugh!), telling her that his name Aaron/Erin works for a boy or a girl.

Spencer joins Rosita, who’s on the wall watching and waiting and crying a bit. She basically thanks him for saving them with the truck, and when she leaves, he takes out a bag of crackers and munches away.

Rick goes to talk to Jessie while she’s in the garage. Ricks admits that he didn’t want to bury the bodies in the graveyard because he was still looking out for hope that the rest of the group would be back by now, but they haven’t arrived yet. She knows that this is what life looks like. She admits she wasn’t saying there wasn’t a future because there has to be hope. They kiss.


Deanna looks at the fence where the walkers are and starts banging against it with her hand. As she walks past another portion of the wall, we notice the wall seems to be leaking something dark, hinting that the wall is weakening?


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