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THE WALKING DEAD recap | Episode 6.3 “Thank You”, plus sneak peek of Episode 6.4

Not many fans will say “Thank you” about this episode

I hope you have something to look forward to after this, because you’re going to need it after watching this weekend’s The Walking Dead. This one episode, titled “Thank You” (you’ll find out why, and it isn’t for any cookies) is filled with a lot physical impact on the characters, but definitely emotional impact as well for both characters and fans. Will someone you might really dislike die? That’s quite possible. Will someone you might really like die? Unfortunately, that too is possible. Read below what you may have missed.


We hear the horn again, which as we remember from the last episode, was from the truck crashing into the Alexandria tower. This time, we’re back to the group from the season premiere herding the walkers.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the group are trying to figure out what’s going on. As they run towards the community, Alexandrian member Annie (Beth Keener) hurts her leg in a stumble. Half of the parade broke off going towards the horn. Daryl (Norman Reedus), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) are told by Rick to continue on.

Nicholas (Michael Traynor) is acting strange, probably in the middle of a slow mental breakdown. One of the Alexandrians is blaming Rick for causing all kinds of problems within the community, until Michonne (Danai Gurira) tells him to quit it and calm down.

Rick brings Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Michonne aside, telling them to get the group going while Rick goes to get the RV. He tells them not all of them, referring to the Alexandrians, are going to make it and to take care of their own, leaving them if they can’t keep up, and Heath (Corey Hawkins) overhears this.

The horn stops as one of them gets attacked by a walker. Not so sadly, it was the guy who was complaining about Rick’s leadership and plan anyway.  Is it bad we don’t actually feel bad for this guy just because he’s stating his uneducated opinion?  Probably, but we’re in zombie-world. We don’t care for that.

Glenn, Michonne, Nicholas, Heath, and some others try to find their way back to Alexandria. They run across some walkers, and Michonne, Glenn and Heath take them on first. The others start going in to fight back. A guy named Sturgess (Jonathan Kleitman) fumbles with his gun and accidentally shoots Scott (Kenric Green) in the leg. Sturgess then runs off alone, scared silly. As things seem to wind down, though, another Alexandrian named David (Jay Huguley) gets bitten in the shoulder, but still is able to kill the walker. He knows what it means and tells the group they have to keep moving.

Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha have gone 5 miles. Daryl wants to go back to Alexandria to find out what’s going on instead of going the 20 miles they’re supposed to. Sasha and Abraham stick to the plan, but they know they can’t stop Daryl.  He leaves them, telling them he has faith in them to complete the plan.

Michonne, Glenn, Nick, Heath, Annie, David, and Scott walk along a deserted road. David talks to Michonne about his marriage with Betsy. How he was pretty much a lost cause until Aaron found him. He was alone and had given up, and they found Betsy on the way to the community. They had become best friends and then more. He doesn’t know how he would be able to say goodbye if he makes it back. Man, if there ever was a totally obvious “red shirt”, it’s this guy.

They stop at a deserted town to look for a working car. Glenn wants to get home and get back to helping Rick, but Michonne tells him they’re well ahead of the herd. Heath knows this is where they lost some of their group from before. They can’t find a working car but Nicholas knows how to get home from there. Nicholas sees Sturgess’ hat in the road, but they come across his body being eat by walkers in an alley. And they see more walkers coming. Nicholas looks frozen in fear until Glenn gets his mind on track, and they go into an empty pet store to hide in.


Glenn plans to distract the walkers by burning a building elsewhere in the area, and have the rest of them go the other way. Michonne says she’ll do it because Glenn has Maggie to get back to, but he says it’s his plan so it should be him to do it, and that he believes Michonne is the best one to bring them back. Nicholas tells him that he knows where a feed store is and can show him where to go. Glenn agrees to allow Nicholas to go with him even though he’s still wary about him.

We see Rick running, as we later find out, to where the RV is parked. Glenn radios Rick about where they are as he slaughters three walkers feeding on a body. Glenn tells him about the plan to burn the building, and if Rick doesn’t see smoke, it lets him know the herd is still going towards Alexandria. Rick cut his hand while killing the walkers, but continues on.


Annie says to leave her, then Scott says the same thing, saying they’ll slow them down. Heath tells them they don’t leave people behind and glares at Michonne, before Michonne basically says the same thing, agreeing with Heath.
Michonne confronts Heath about his attitude towards her, as he’s been getting on her case for no reason she knows. He tells her that he heard what Rick said about the Alexandrians and argues with Michonne about what they’ve been through.  She argues back, telling him he hasn’t been through what Rick has been through, having to kill people, being covered in blood, in friends’ blood, and not knowing whose blood is on him. She pretty much puts him in his place.  Michonne really knows what to say and how to say it to make people listen.

On the way to the feed store, Glenn and Nicholas come across one of Nick’s old crew, who’s now a walker stuck under a car. Glenn is about to do the head stabbing thing, but Nicholas says he should do it since he knows him, feeling guilty for what he’s done lately. Glenn tells him he’s not that guy anymore and Nicholas, looking more and more unstable, kills the walker. They hear gunfire from Alexandria, knowing that more trouble is brewing, hurry towards the feed building.

Michonne and Heath hear the gunfire as well, and the walkers in the streets and alley are getting drawn by the gunfire. Michonne tells them they’ll head towards the feed store when the walkers clear out.

Rick, with bleeding hand, makes it to the RV and drives it out on the road towards to get ahead of the walkers to lead them back with the rest of the parade.

David is writing a goodbye note to his wife and tries to give it to Michonne, just in case he doesn’t make it. She writes on her arm “You’re getting home,” and shows it to him. He puts his note in his pocket.  Suddenly they hear noise from a back room, and find two walkers. Michonne kills them, but it’s too late as some of the walkers heard the noise. Michonne looks out and sees that half the zombie parade has arrived.

They make a break for it, but the herd is very close. Close enough that limping Annie gets caught.

Nick and Glenn find the feed store was already burned down and they’re getting quickly surrounded by walkers. Nick is starting to lose it fast, and Glenn has to yell at him for where to go next.

Michonne, Heath, David, and Scott, have to climb an iron gate, but while Heath and Scott have already made it over the fence, David and Michonne are being pulled down by the walkers.  Heath shoots at the walkers grabbing at Michonne and she makes it over, but Scott gets pulled down, his note to Betsy being buried under foot. Heath is somewhat in shock but finally says they have to go, leaving David crying out in pain. Why, oh why didn’t they shoot him instead of making him suffer?


Nicholas and Glenn are trapped as well in another fenced alley, but walkers on both sides, and with only so many bullets left.  With a dumpster there, they climb on top of it with walkers all around.  Nicholas has finally lost it, seeing all the walkers, and realizing there really is no hope. He then turns to Glenn, fear and then finality in his eyes, says, “Thank you,” and uses the gun that Glenn had given him to shoot himself in the head. Unfortunately, because Nicholas can’t even die right, kinda falls into Glenn, causing both of them to fall into the herd. And here’s where fans are shocked yet again with what comes next.


In painfully slow motion, we then see hands grabbing into what looks like Glenn’s chest, blood flowing out and intestines being pulled away as Glenn screams in anguish with walkers over him munching on the fresh intestines. A shot from above shows walkers over Glenn, but nothing else. Glenn, as much as he tried to help Nicholas redeem himself, only proved that some people are not redeemable. A truth that he will never be able to teach his kid (you know, because Maggie surely is pregnant, right?)  Damn you, Nicholas!

Michonne and Heath help carry Scott. As they cross a creek, Michonne wipes the message she had for David off her arm. Heath, with blood covering his face, looks at his reflection in the water, probably still stunned by what happened, but maybe understanding more of what Michonne had said to him earlier.

Rick stops at the place he’s supposed to. He tries to radio Glenn, but gets nothing. Then Tobin. Then Daryl. Daryl answers. They hear gunfire from back home, and he tells them to sit with the plan, hoping those at the community can handle it. Rick tells Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl that this mission is for the Alexandrians, and if they were to go back, it would be for Rick and his group.
A Wolf enters the RV and tries to shoot Rick. It’s the same guy that Morgan let leave from the community, so I guess that explains his horrible aim, but that’s a good thing. Daryl hears it and tries to get Rick to answer, but gets nothing. Rick has to fight off two of them now, but is able to shoot them both dead. As he searches in one of their pockets, he pulls out a small jar of baby food, so he knows that they just came from Alexandria. But he can’t stop to think about going back as he sees three more Wolves outside against the . He shoots through the side panel with his machine gun.


Michonne, Heath, and Scott arrive to a burned town.

In an overhead shot, we see Daryl meet back up with Sasha and Abraham and helps lead the first half of the zombie parade again. But the second half of the parade, after their trek in the forest and hearing the machine-gunfire, are now surrounding Rick in the RV, which he isn’t able to start.


Now with that recap, executive producer Scott M. Gimple wanted to give the fans more information regarding that of Glenn Rhee, so he had Chris Hardwick, host of AMC’s The Talking Dead, read this message:

“Dear fans of The Walking Dead, this is a hard story to tell and when we were planning to tell, we knew our friends at the Talking Dead would be talking to you about it, and knowing you’d all be talking, and feeling and commiserating, I knew we should say something about it lest our silence say something we didn’t mean to say or not say.

“So I’ll say this – In some way, we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story to help complete the story.”

I guess fans are probably wondering whether what we saw was Glenn’s entrails being eaten or perhaps Nicholas’, who’s body may be on top of his.  Some people are very much hoping that’s the case.  Either way, we’ll be seeing more of Glenn in future episodes, we just don’t know in what fashion that may be.

(photos courtesy of Gene Page/AMC)

Here’s a couple of sneak peeks at episode 4, “Here’s Not Here”

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