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THE WALKING DEAD recap | Episode 6×10 “The Next World”

We see a lighter side of things in The Walking Dead’s “The Next World” recap

This is probably about as light as a Walking Dead episode is going to be, considering they’ve teased about this second half of the season going really dark.  But it isn’t in this episode.  Find out who kills who, who chases who, and who kisses who in our “The Next World” recap.

Two months have passed since the events from the last episode.

Open to Rick getting ready for a supply run. Carl has a bandage over his right eye, but is doing well. Michonne asks him to get her spearmint toothpaste. They give each other a low-five before he heads out.


Looks like a good day in Alexandria as we see some people mending and rebuilding around the community. Daryl goes over a list of supplies needed for Denise. She wants Daryl to get pop for Tara. Eugene gives them a map of some of the agricultural supply areas and tells them to get sorghum, before they drive out on the run.


On lookout, Michonne notices Spencer going out into the forest.

Lauren tries to get Enid to do something, be part of the community.

Rick and Daryl find a truck full of supplies. They drive the truck, planning to go back for the car later, and stop at a gas station where Daryl sees a vending machine.
They encounter a stranger who claims he was running from some walkers when he literally ran into Rick. His name is Paul Rovio, aka Jesus. Rick is curious about him, but Daryl doesn’t think he’s clean. Jesus steals the truck, leaving the two abandoned.


In the forest, Spencer is about to deal with a walker, but Michonne gets to it first. She decides to follow him, much to his dismay.

Rick and Daryl find the vending machine that was attached to the truck and take the snacks and pop that was in it to replenish themselves as well as to give to Tara when they go back to Alexandria.

Carl and Enid are also in the forest, and are reading comics when they see Michonne and Spencer walking, but they don’t follow. Enid tells Carl she doesn’t want to come out to the forest anymore. He says okay and just packs up and walks back, having Enid follow. They encounter a walker, and Enid wants it dead, but Carl tells her to leave, not wanting to kill it. He tells her she wouldn’t understand.

Rick and Daryl finally catch up with Jesus because the truck got a flat. Jesus goes all kung fu on them, but he can’t overtake them both. They leave him as they take back the truck.

After driving a bit, they realize that Jesus jumped onto the roof. Daryl chases after Jesus in the open field they’re in, and it’s a bit funny, really.  So funny that they put a comedy track to it.

Rick stops the truck and gets out to take down some walkers in the area. Jesus tries to take off in the truck again, but unfortunately can’t, and the truck falls into a nearby lake after the door knocks Jesus out. They decide not to leave Jesus there since he did actually save Daryl from a walker.

Carl leads the walker, who turns out to be Deanna, to Spencer and Michonne before he takes off. That’s who Spencer was looking for. Michonne holds walker Deanna from behind as Spencer kills her and buries her. Spencer has no family left, but Michonne says his friends in Alexandria are his family now, even her.


Michonne confronts Carl about being out there. He confesses he didn’t kill Deanna because he knew that Spencer had to do it, because it had to be someone who loved her. And Carl admits he would do it for Michonne
Rick and Daryl carry the unconscious Jesus into the infirmary for Denise and leave him with a note in an empty room in basement.

Rick and Michonne talk about each other’s day, kind of. Rick gives her some mints instead of the toothpaste she wanted. She laughs and then they sit next to each other on the couch, first tapping hands in a friendly gesture, and then it becomes more intimate…

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They hold hands and it turns into them kissing…

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getting horizontal on the sofa, and getting it on (off screen).


Jesus is the unwelcome guest in this as he wakes them up in the bed.  Michonne and Rick both jump off the bed, naked, with weapons in hand. Jesus just says, “We should talk.”


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