THE WALKING DEAD Season 9 Extended Trailer Focuses On Old Battles, New Characters

The struggle for powers takes on new nuances in THE WALKING DEAD Season 9 trailer!

The Walking Dead panel at SDCC just occurred and with it comes the first look at Season 9 of the hit AMC drama!

Season 9 begins after a roughly two-year time jump, focusing on the careful relationship built between the various communities in Virginia as they rebuild and try to form a “perfect world” within their circumstances. There’s only one problem: No everyone agrees on what a perfect world should be like.

It’s clear that Maggie still feels betrayed by Rick’s choice to let Negan live, attempts to forgive and integrate Negan’s loyal saviors into the fold are not going well–especially for Daryl Dixon, and Negan is still as salty as ever. And those pesky walkers? Yep, still a big problem.

The time jump does offer some refreshing new angles: Maggie has had her baby, modes of transportation have changed, and the existing communities have bloomed into something new.

The last minute and a half of the trailer focuses on introducing new characters to the story, including those played by Dan Fogler and Eleanor Matsuura.

Watch the trailer at the top of the post.

At the panel, Andrew Lincoln also talked about leaving the show and what the character means to him:

The Walking Dead Season 9 premieres on AMC on October 4, 2018.

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