THE WALKING DEAD Sneak Peek at Episode 5.15 “Try”, Plus Daryl’s New Ride

What are they to try now? 

So many tragic deaths already, but still the living must go on.  And whether you agree with Rick’s assessment that they are The Walking Dead, you still want to root for them to Try, and keep trying and trying, to find a better life for them all.  But will that be in Alexandria?  Or have they doomed the community already?  Or vice versa?

After the latest tragedy that befell the group (and you knew it was coming), it seems that despite being behind a seemingly secured gated community, they still face problems, both from outside the walls and within.  Add to that the growing suspicion that Deanna now has about Rick’s group, taking leadership positions, and the death of her own son in last week’s episode, the situation is getting worrisome.  But for whom?

When life within the walls begins to mimic life outside, the group realizes that sheltered life may not be possible.

Here’s another sneak peek clip from “Try”:

And here’s the trailer for “Try”, thanks to MoviePilot:

Earlier this week, AMC did a featurette on Daryl (Norman Reedus) and getting a new ride, courtesy of Aaron (Ross Marquand).  This will be exciting as Daryl takes on the job of recruiting outsiders to be part of the community, and he gets to do so all while riding his bike.

In the featurette, it’s all about the bike, and Reedus talks about how he got his friends at Classified Moto to build a new but old-looking-made-from-scraps bike for the show.

It’s no wonder so many fans consider him their favorite or find him attractive.  Being on a bike kinda does have that appeal.

The Walking Dead 5.15 - Try - Daryl