THE WALKING DEAD’S Ross Marquand Talks About Alexandria Community

Ross Marquand's Aaron introduces himself

Ross Marquand’s Aaron is more than he seems got to talk to Ross Marquand about his new role as Aaron in The Walking Dead series.  He first made his appearance at the end of the “Them” episode, and much of the past episode, “The Distance,” involved his character convincing Rick and his team to coming with him to a safe community.  It was a pretty tense episode based on whether to trust this stranger, especially after what the group had to deal with lately, including the recent deaths of Beth and Tyreese.

But at the end of it the series, it seems that Aaron is pretty true to his word, and now we can read what Ross thinks of his character and the future of the Alexandria community now that Rick and the gang have arrived.

Ross Marquand's Aaron in a bind

Does Aaron have any kick-ass abilities? Rick has the revolver, Daryl has the crossbow, Michonne has the sword… Does Aaron have any special weapon of choice or ability we can expect to see?

I can’t say too much about that, but you can certainly expect to see some of his skill sets in the near future, hopefully. There’s more than meets the eye with Aaron. He comes across as this really humble, very nice guy, boy scout type, but he’s also lived out in this world like the group has. He has had a lot more safety, you know, having the community to rely on that he has, but ultimately, he’s seen quite a bit of action himself and he knows handle to handle himself.

Why did he get so scared when he saw the flare? I’m assuming Eric shot it off, but what’s the deal with the flares?

We worked it out in our minds, and I think this is how it was described in the script, but those flares are only used in the most dire circumstances. If you’re seeing a flare, it means things have gone horribly wrong, past the point of “let’s stop being diplomatic and nice here, this is when the plan ends.” When you see that flare you run towards it as fast as possible. For Aaron, once he sees that, I think it’s clear that Eric is in danger. His nice guy persona and plan to be sweet and nice to the group and usher them…. His safety just goes right out the window. He says, “well, plan is over! I gotta go!” He’s willing to risk his own life, you know? Run out with his hands tied and run off to go find his boyfriend.

Yeah, he hit Michonne with that door and he took off.

Yeah, that was a pretty intense scene to shoot.

Ross Marquand as Aaron in The Walking Dead

Sure, yeah, I know we’re going to see more human to human conflict which really drives the show. Has Aaron done this recruiting before?

He has.

Are we going to see him do it in the future?

I think there’s a distinct possibility of that, but I think right now the real focus moving forward for the next few episodes is about how Rick and his group will assimilate or not to this new community. That’s really gonna be the thrust of the story moving forward. Is this place, this haven, all that it’s been cracked up to be?

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