The Weekly Quiz Question Week 4

Once again it is Monday and time for another question. There was a poor response to last weeks question. Was it too hard?
No one got the correct answer to the regulator question, and I fear I was a little mean with it. The question asked what was the name of the regulator Lena knew when she was running to meet Alex at Black Cove. Two answers came in as Gerry and yes, Gerry was indeed the regulator who stopped her but he is not the one she knew. The correct answer for that one was Dev Howard. He told Gerry that he knew her, he owns the corner shop which Lena sometimes visited.
With that said the other question I had two correct answers and the points go as follows;

Michaela- 10 points
Valerie- 5 points

Current Leader board;

20points- Michaela
11points- Analis Marrero
10points- Ally
5points- Valerie
1point- Cady

Michaela you are on fire! Good to see you each week!

This weeks question.

The first party Lena sneaks out to is held where?

Good luck and see you next week!