The Woman Who Created Effie’s Hairstyle Talk About Being On The ‘Catching Fire’ Set

Ann Bray who worked with lead hairstylist on Catching Fire and created Effie’s hairstyle talks about what it was like being on set!


Asked what it was like to work so closely with a star of Banks’ wattage, Bray fondly recalls Banks hanging out during lunch, “standing in line with the crew and wearing  her little cut-off jeans with holes in them and her little tied-up shirt.”
Then Banks sat down for lunch with Bray and Bray’s daughter Shelby Zimmerman, who also worked on the Catching Fire hair team.  “We had a good ol’ time. She’s very, very nice and outgoing,” Bray says. Banks signed the pink-pages of an autograph book Bray brought to the set “Ann, stay happy. You rock. XOXO Elizabeth Banks Effie”.

Sometimes the extras weren’t too fond of their wild hair designs. “If [one of the extras] had their hair done the day before, they kept a little picture in a file, and they brought the picture back to you and you’re supposed redo whatever was done the day before, because it might be a different stylist working on you. Some of those girls didn’t like what they wore the day before and they tried to sneak in and do something really different, and they got busted a few times, some of the extras.”

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