THE X-FILES Miniseries Episode 2 Promos, ‘Founder’s Mutation’

Discover the ‘Founder’s Mutation’ tonight on THE X-FILES!

The X-Files is back! After a slight delay due to the NFL playoffs, fans of the series were treated to a thrilling return for Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), among others, along with an introduction to some exciting new characters! But what we didn’t get it a clear end to the mystery, because The X-Files continues with the second episode of the mini-series, ‘Founder’s Mutation,’ tonight!

See what happens when the team covers a secret facility harboring a dangerous genetic experiment!

The show will air regularly on Mondays through February 22nd, but FOX wanted to herald the show’s return with a multi-episode event in the same week. We must say, it’s nice to get new episodes on back-to-back nights! It’s too bad that this mini-series is so short, but hopefully it’s a sign of more content to come!

Official Synopsis:

When a scientist suddenly commits suicide, Mulder and Scully investigate what unseen force may have driven him to it. What they uncover is a laboratory where extreme genetic experimentation has been going on for decades, breeding subjects who possess unexpected and dangerous powers – and who harbor deep resentments.

x-files founder's mutation

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