Theo James on how ‘Allegiant’ deals with changes made in ‘Insurgent’

Theo James talked to about how Allegiant will deal with changes made in Insurgent. You can see the video of the interview on Collider’s website.

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Can’t watch the video? Theo’s general gist is that the story won’t actually be changing much

“Not huge [changes], no. I think they were able to consolidate with the third movie and kind of consolidate all the key elements of the book. I think it’s gonna be pretty similar. I think the luxury of this one is that we have time to tell the book over two movies so I think, if anything, it’ll be the material in the book, but then added as well. There will be more stuff because we have more time to tell the story.”

He also said that the creation of “The Box” and Divergent percentages won’t change much. Essentially, we already know Tris is genetically pure before we discover the importance of that designation:

“No because the third film is kind of – it’s about genetic superiority, which before it was about – similarly there was a genetic element, but now it’s literally, it’s a hierarchy of people who seem to be genetically pure. So, in a way, in the third movie she’s flipped. She goes from the lowest of the rung to the highest of the rung.”

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